How To Setup Your Home Link In Ghost

There's one thing I forgot to mention about setting up your ghost blog. By default, the "home" link sends you to

That's no good. :P

Ok, here's how you fix that. Get your droplet's ip-address from Now go to the terminal and ssh into your droplet like so:

ssh root@ipaddress  

You'll be asked to reset your password, something you ought to do. :) (Find more information about setting up and securing your droplet here).

Now, open up /var/www/ghost/config.js and look for the production url. I prefer to use vim.
vim /var/www/ghost/config.js

config = {  
    // ### Production
    // When running Ghost in the wild, use the production environment.
    // Configure your URL and mail settings here
    production: {
        url: '',

Change the url from to whatever your domain is, save, and quit.

Now go to /var/www/ghost, and run sudo service ghost restart. You're done! exit out of there and go to your site.

Click on "home" and it should work as expected. :)

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