React and Redux Presentation

Hey all, I just did a presentation on React and Redux. You can click here for the slides of that presentation.

And here are some of the resources I listed at the end:

Anyone who likes to can always ask me questions about JavaScript, Node, React, and functional programming at my twitter @ProSteveSmith. I also blog a lot about these topics on this very site

The repo for all the code used in the presentation is at

For a performance boost, you can use ImmutableJS, but you probably don't need it. :)

For testing in React, you can use Jest and Enzyme.

For side-effects (like talking to the server), my favorite library is Redux-Saga, in fact I've blogged about it here. But there's also Redux-Thunk and RxJS if you prefer.

And of course, there are a butt-ton of great videos about React and Redux at Actually that site is pretty great for all things JavaScript, including Angular (I mean, if that's the sort of thing you like to use... :P )

Happy coding!

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