On Hiatus

I got a job!

It's for what looks like a great company. Two of my college buddies interned there and say they really liked the place.

It's full-stack JavaScript, which is right in my wheelhouse.


I want to make sure I do well, and, for me, that means doing lots of studying, making sure I get plenty of sleep and exercise, etc.

Which means I need to stop blogging regularly for a bit.

I fully plan to come back to this blog. It's been too much fun. :)

And I will very likely write posts during this downtime.

But I won't make myself keep a schedule. I need to focus on self-maintenance and learning for a while.

When I get back in to regular posting I'll probably do it every 2 weeks to start with, and then try to post more frequently from there.

Wish me luck on the new job and I hope to be blogging again soon!

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