Let Me Take You To Funky Town

Starting On The Road

For the purposes of this and later tutorials, I'm going to assume you already know how to program.

In the language you're most familiar with you should know how to write functions, if statements, while and for loops. You should also know you're way around the Linux terminal or the Windows command line.

However, I'm not going to assume you know anything but the basics.

Installing Node

I debated with myself about whether to start you coding in the browser or the terminal. The former is easier to get started with, but once you're up and running I think it's probably easier to write your code and immediately see it run in the terminal. Plus adding dependencies is a breeze with npm.

If you've got a Mac I recommend using Homebrew. Nodejs.org has detailed instructions for how to install on Linux as well as Windows.

Running Code

In the terminal, make a new project directory. Create a file in there called index.js. Open up that file and write the following:


Save the file.

In the terminal, navigate to your project folder and type node . You should now see you're computer greeting you:


You are now ready to begin your funky funky journey...

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